First Steps – Building Bible.Institute

It has taken me a long time to get to this point. I should start by admitting that I’ve thought about building Bible.Insitute for far too long. The desire has been in my head so long that when I first started thinking about it, e-learning was a completely new thing. By the time I got this site up, it seems that we are surrounded by e-learning sites created by companies like Zondervan, most seminaries, and so on. However I believe there is still room for e-learning sites like this one. Here are a few reasons:

  • First, as a teacher within a non-denominational network of Christian churches (open plymouth brethren) , there is room for an e-learning platform that can help my own network. There are thousands of small Christian assemblies around the globe that are part of this network. I’ve wanted to have a place like Bible.Institute where I can direct future elders/teachers/shepherds in my own network who don’t have the opportunity to go to a Bible college or seminary. In church-speak, most of the leaders in our network are “bi-vocational” and haven’t had a chance to go to seminary/Bible College. In some countries they will never have this opportunity. I’ve always wanted to say to some, “Hey, if you can still go over to XYZ and you’ll find a whole set of courses you can dig into. Bible.Institute now gives me that sort of a place.
  • Second, the site gives me a platform to host my own courses as I finish my PhD and move forward into more teaching.
  • Third, there is room for something like a Udemy site where reliable instructors who want to create content, can have a place to put it. There are teachers around who have good content, who could create a course, but who would never be invited by a Zondervan to create a course and put it online. That’s too bad. This provides an option for some of those teachers.

Even though this site has taken a long time to see the light of day, one of the benefits of waiting so long is that the technology is now so advanced that a much smaller team of people can manage this sort of site. A decade ago this sort of site would not have been possible without a bigger team of people and much more money. So I’m thankful.

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