Discussion Questions – Ch 1

a. Some have alleged that Genesis 1 creates a tension between faith and science. Explore this relationship by discussing the following: (1) Which elements of Genesis 1 do you find hard to accept “scientifically”? That is, which events in this chapter require faith to accept? (2) Which elements in evolutionary theory require “faith” to accept? That is, which events cannot be proven in a laboratory by observation but must be “assumed” or “accepted” on faith? (3) Briefly summarize your own personal view of creation and Genesis 1.
b. Discuss the implications of Genesis 1–2 for your life. That is, if God has created the universe, what impact does that have on who you are and what you should be doing?
c. In light of Genesis 1–11, discuss the two opening questions: Who am I? and What is wrong?

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